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"What is Reporter Connection and how can it help me?"

Reporter Connection is a free service that connects busy journalists with experts to interview or quote on a particular issue.

For instance, a top magazine writer writing a story on "Should You Give Kids An Allowance?" might want to interview parenting experts for their perspectives and tips on that question. The experts would be happy to be quoted in the magazine (along with the name of their book, if any) and get some free publicity.  Everyone wins.

If you're a journalist, we can help you find quality sources quickly.

If you've got expertise (and almost everybody knows a lot about something, though most of us take our expertise for granted), we invite you to join for free and receive our daily email newsletter listing what various journalists and producers are looking for.

"How does Reporter Connection work?"

As an expert (or publicist for experts), you'd register to receive our daily email newsletters which list media opportunities.

Journalists and producers submit listings to us and once approved, we send them out each business day to our database of experts.

When an expert sees a listing they wish to respond to, they simply click the link at the bottom of the listing in our newsletter and go to a reply form on our website where they answer the reporter's questions and hit submit.

Once they do, their reply is instantly emailed to the reporter who'll get in touch with them directly if they're interested in interviewing the expert.  We may review some of the responses so we can continually improve our service and prevent abuse.

"How can you do this for FREE for both sides?  What's the catch?"

Click here to read answer

"I have a suggestion or complaint... do you want to hear it?"

Absolutely.  We want to hear any feedback you have - whether it's good, bad or ugly.  To give us feedback as a source, click here.  As a journalist, click here.

FAQS for journalists, producers and other media professionals

"How many people will see my listing in Reporter Connection?"

At least 10,000 and often 51,000+ depending upon your listing and when you submit it.  Prior to launching Reporter Connection, we'd already attracted over 51,000 people who've opted-in to our email newsletter list to receive publicity/promotion tips and media news. Some listings will go to the entire 51,000 people, others just to certain segments.

"How often do you publish?"

Five days a week except for some major holidays.  We won't publish on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve or New Year's Day.

"What kind of media is eligible to submit queries?"

We are open to submissions from leading newspapers, magazines, newsletters radio/TV shows, freelance writers, authors working on books, membership sites as well as blogs and websites with significant traffic.

Of course, we reserve the right to decline any submission we feel won't be of interest to a significant percentage of our readers.  For instance, we generally won't accept submissions from student media outlets (e.g. college newspapers).

"How do I register and submit my first query?"

Click here to register as a journalist/producer

"I'm already registered, how do I log into my account?"

Click here to log into your account if already registered

"I lost my password. What do I do?"

Click here and then click the  "Forgot Password?" button in lower right of the login box.

"Can I submit cloaked or anonymous queries? I don't want your readers to know my name or that of media outlet."

Yes, go ahead and register. Then when you setup your query you can choose to make it anonymous.  Keep in mind though that doing so will likely greatly reduce the amount of responses you receive.

"I have more questions.  How can I contact you?"

If you're a journalist or producer, click here.

For experts and all inquiries, please click here.


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