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UPDATE: Sorry but Reporter Connection has been discontinued (last issue was Tuesday, April 23rd). If you're an expert interested in publicity, click here to subscribe for free to Steve Harrison's new free weekly Publicity & Publishing Tips newsletter.


Just tell us what you need and we’ll email your request to our database of sources within one business day… for free

Are you tired of off-target responses from other services? Our unique Media Reply Form ensures sources answer up to six specific questions you pose

Plus, because all initial replies go through our system, your email is never revealed to sources (unless you choose to do so) to protect your privacy  

Respond now and your listing will go out to up to 51,000 sources 


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FROM:  Bill & Steve Harrison 

Dear Journalist, Producer, Blogger or Media Professional: 

Are you on deadline and need a quick quote from an expert?   Or would you simply like to find some new story or program ideas?   

Either way, we can help. Reporter Connection is a free email service that connects busy journalists and producers with experts available for interviews.   

Here are the four steps for using us as a Journalist, Producer or Blogger: 

Step 1 – Register As Journalist.  Click here to register as a journalist (or if already registered login in here).    

Step 2 – Create Your Request.  Once registered or logged-in, simply “Create a Request” and tell us what you’re looking for.   

You may even specify up to six specific questions you want sources to answer, in order to ensure you get on-target replies.  To see a sample listing as it appears on our system, click here.  

Step 3 – We Publish Your Request.  We’ll publish your request within one business day (sometimes sooner depending on when you reply) and it will go out to up to 51,000 sources on our opt-in email list.     

Step 4 – Sources Reply Through Our System.  Interested experts who see your listing will click on the link provided and be taken to a form on our website where they’ll reply (and answer your questions).    

Our system emails you their reply and you can choose whether or not you wish to reply to them – which you may do by simply hitting “reply” in your own email.  At that point you’ll be in direct contact with the expert.   

Used other media source services in the past? 
We offer you two big advantages

As you may know, we’re not the only service which connects the media with sources.  In fact, we’re quick to admit that a few of them are actually pretty good – we’ve been recommending them to our own clients for years. 

But we offer you two huge advantages over most of the existing services: 

Big Advantage #1
Unlike other services, with us your email
is never published to would-be sources

Because all initial replies go through our system, your email address is never revealed to the source (unless you choose to do so).     

After talking to journalists who’ve used other source lead services, we know how you hate it when some would-be source simply puts you on their email press release list and then blasts you every day with irrelevant communications. 

With us, that won’t happen.   

The only way a source will get your email address is if you correspond with them directly after their initial reply and give them your email address.  

Big Advantage #2
Tired of off-target replies from other services?
Need a quick quote but no time for interviews? 

With us, you can pose up to six specific questions and
practically force would-be sources to answer them!

If you have used other services, you know that many of the would-be sources who reply through them have no idea how to structure an effective response and give you what you want quickly and concisely

With our unique Media Reply Forms, we’ve designed our system to help ensure you get on-target replies.   

Here’s how it works:  When you create your listing, you can also specify up to six specific questions you want people to answer.  

Pose your own questions or pick some from a list we provide such as:  "What specific experience do you have related to this subject?", "What are your credentials?" and more. Of course you don’t have to use our questions because you can enter your own. 

Ready To Get Started?
Click here to register and submit your first listing  

The best way to see the advantages of our system is to experience them yourself.  Click here now to register as a journalist and submit your first listing and once approved, your request will go out within one business day.  Questions?  Email our editor Carol Otis at editor (at) or call her at 484-477-4220 ext 120.

We look forward to getting more sources more quickly! 

All the best,

Bill & Steve Harrison


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